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Triple arthrodesis surgery update

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Who knew the pins can work themselves out on their own?

In a previous post, I told about my triple arthrodesis foot surgery. As an interesting update, my Orthpaedist took x-rays after 16 weeks and mentioned casually, “Hm? Look at that. This pin has worked it’s way out.”

Sure enough, I could see on the x-ray that one of the three crossed pins had, indeed, retracted (moved) about a half-inch backwards, toward the top arch of my foot. “Well, if it bothers you, we can just put a little local anesthesia on it and pull that baby out.” Bye and see you in three months.

There is a little tender place at the top of my foot, which is where the top of the pin (or screw?), and nowadays, if my foot hurts at all, the pain is centered around that point. Livable for now, but I may have to have it out eventually.

My physical therapist laughed mightily when I told her the Doc said “local anesthetic” and “just pull it out”. “No one gets near me with a pair of pliers unless they KNOCK ME OUT FIRST!”

A Triple Arthrodesis Adventure Album

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How I spent my summer vacation

Thinking of having a Triple Arthrodesis? Here’s what it was like for me.

I had surgery in April 2009 to fuse my foot bones due to degenerative arthritis. Almost 16 weeks later, I’m walking without a cane most of the time. Pain is still my ever-present shadow, but it’s getting more manageable.  No matter what discomfort I have now it’s a hangnail compared with the nerve entrapment pain of the last five years–it used to get me to break down in sobs some nights.

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How I spent my summer vacation–A Triple Arthodesis Adventure Album

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