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10 reasons why I’m lovin’ living with my aging parents

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Your mileage may vary

  1. Bathroom safety bars are already installed
  2. Your share of the rent is negligible because the mortgage is paid off
  3. They admire you for knowing how to work all the remote controls
  4. Dad does all of your laundry. “Hey, I ain’t doin’ anything else. I might as well do my share.”
  5. Mombo is in bed by 6:30. Dad stays up ’til eight thirty
  6. You can use their car mostly anytime, as long as you drive them to the doctors, WallMart, or Pik N Save
  7. Somebody’s always home to answer the door.
  8. When you fall off your knee walker in the garden, there’s someone to root you on as you struggle to your feet.
  9. The freezer’s always full
  10. There’s always pie!

10 reasons to NOT live with your aging parents

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Sure, you love them—but . . .

  1. Rush Limbaugh
  2. Fox News Network
  3. Jello on the shelf that expired in 1999
  4. Dad turns lights out while you’re still in the room “to save electricity”
  5. You throw away rotten fruit, and Dad yells at you for wasting food “What? Are they giving it away now??”
  6. You are responsible for setting all electronic devices in the house.
  7. Your out-of-town sister calls you form the airport to remind you that your stay there is temporary, and not to get too comfortable in their house.
  8. Cheapest bargain store toilet paper
  9. Supper is at five, sharp.
  10. Leftovers remain in play until they’re eaten by somebody.

Living with your parents: Part 308

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I’ve been a mom. I’ve been a manager. I’ve been a conniver, a manipulator, a planner, queen bee, doormat. But never— since my mom turned me out when I was 17—have I been just a daughter.

I’m so freakin’ old, I was a “Beatle Booster”, which makes my eighyish parents really, really old. They’re both tough as seal-skin boots, but I see the spark starting to flicker. Turns out, they need me here right now. Who knew? Read more »