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Shipping by USP versus USPS.

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Wearing my Red Santa Love Hat for UPS shipping today!

Had a fruitful day with UPS today. They delivered my Mombo’s brand new LCD TV er, Christmas present — on time, and trackable all the way (with free shipping from!)

I was going to ship two GInormous last-minute Christmas packages by USPS, which is my usual way, but hatefull USPS only lets you pre-pay and print labels for the expensive shipping methods like Priority Mail or Express Mail — forget about using Media Mail or Parcel Post unless you want to go wait in line at the post office!

I went to and found out they will ship the boxes for half the price and double-fast (guaranteed Xmas Eve delivery). I prepaid and printed labels, no problem.

Small packages and first class mail, I’ll still use the USPS, but UPS now gets my business for big packages!

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Five things you could buy on Amazon—if you are a total knucklehead.

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It’s like the Wild West out there. We independent book sellers moved in and did all the dirty work, setting up product pages, building links, enslaving the indigenous population—And soon giant agribusinesses, listing strip miners, and Big Lot department stores moved in, crowding the little guys out.

Lately, Amazon’s tried to reign in the small-time-sellers without infringing too much on the rights of their favored corporate sellers. That can only lead to one thing—Digital Anarchy!

Here are five intriguing examples of the ways Amazon sellers and buyers are dealing with encroaching marginalization.

  1. A $38 dead skinned bunny rabbit? Anyone see Roman Polanski’s “Replusion? Please, please, please—I beg you—scroll down and read the customer reviews. You will not be sorry. For example:

    These are NOT alive!, August 24, 2009
    By P. Breakfield IV “Tom”
    I’ll keep this short and sweet. We ordered one of these rabbits for our children this Easter and boy what a surprise. It is NOT a living rabbit. Someone has killed this rabbit and skinned it, I suppose for eating. Anyway, our children were traumatized and Easter is not the same holiday that it used to be for us. On the upside, we don’t have to fill their Easter baskets anymore as we told them the Easter bunny was killed by Amazon.

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