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Art therapy: Doodles from the crazy house

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Sharpie drawings July 2011

“You can’t have sharp objects in the crazy house. Sharpies are okay, but no pencils, pens or pointy things. Hours are spent sitting on hard chairs waiting for lunch or 3:00–whichever comes first. The nurses talk at you, but the earnest grad students are horrendously annoying–lecturing about ‘coping strategies”, “stress reduction” and –get this–”boredom”. I had a few Sharpie markers, my brain and my trusty 5 x 7 sketch pad to keep my mind from exploding. “

From Crazy House Series — Sharpie doodles, posted by Annie Alpert on 8/09/2011 (11 items)

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A Triple Arthrodesis Adventure Album

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How I spent my summer vacation

Thinking of having a Triple Arthrodesis? Here’s what it was like for me.

I had surgery in April 2009 to fuse my foot bones due to degenerative arthritis. Almost 16 weeks later, I’m walking without a cane most of the time. Pain is still my ever-present shadow, but it’s getting more manageable.¬† No matter what discomfort I have now it’s a hangnail compared with the nerve entrapment pain of the last five years–it used to get me to break down in sobs some nights.

Click here to see my Facebook photos about my surgery:
How I spent my summer vacation–A Triple Arthodesis Adventure Album

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10 reasons why I’m lovin’ living with my aging parents

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Your mileage may vary

  1. Bathroom safety bars are already installed
  2. Your share of the rent is negligible because the mortgage is paid off
  3. They admire you for knowing how to work all the remote controls
  4. Dad does all of your laundry. “Hey, I ain’t doin’ anything else. I might as well do my share.”
  5. Mombo is in bed by 6:30. Dad stays up ’til eight thirty
  6. You can use their car mostly anytime, as long as you drive them to the doctors, WallMart, or Pik N Save
  7. Somebody’s always home to answer the door.
  8. When you fall off your knee walker in the garden, there’s someone to root you on as you struggle to your feet.
  9. The freezer’s always full
  10. There’s always pie!