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Pansy, cane corso mastiff: photo gallery

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Pansy was a Cane Corso Mastiff rescued from the Newark, NJ Associated Humane Animal Shelter

Her entire story is here

“Photos of my best pal. She died in 2009.”

From Pansy, posted by Annie Alpert on 8/27/2011 (9 items)

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Outsourcing the Girl Scouts of America: A Moral Dilemma

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vintage girl scouts

Girl Scout uniforms are made by a small family-run business in New Jersey. The GSA organization is considering outsourcing the work to China. How Un-American is that?

AP October 29, 2010
NJ Factory Fears China Will Get Girl Scouts Work
The owners of a family-run New Jersey factory that makes uniforms for the Girl Scouts of America said they may be forced to close or lay off workers if the organization takes its business to China.

Parents of Girl Scouts will have to make a choice:
  1. Dress their budding Scoutlets in $6 sashes and $20 vests made by Chinese child slave laborers and their families–thus keeping jobs in the Good Old USA?
  2. Dress their budding Scoutlets in $6 sashes and $20 vests made by Americans–thus taking livelihoods away from some of the poorest people in the world?

Other options could include:

  • Prices for Chinese-made uniforms sliced dramatically to reflect the actual cost of them by GSA,–thus making Girl Scouting affordable for more American children.
  • American Girl Scouts come to meetings in homemade or recycled sashes and vests . . . Aww, That’ll never happen. Forget I even mentioned it.

10 reasons why I’m lovin’ living with my aging parents

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Your mileage may vary

  1. Bathroom safety bars are already installed
  2. Your share of the rent is negligible because the mortgage is paid off
  3. They admire you for knowing how to work all the remote controls
  4. Dad does all of your laundry. “Hey, I ain’t doin’ anything else. I might as well do my share.”
  5. Mombo is in bed by 6:30. Dad stays up ’til eight thirty
  6. You can use their car mostly anytime, as long as you drive them to the doctors, WallMart, or Pik N Save
  7. Somebody’s always home to answer the door.
  8. When you fall off your knee walker in the garden, there’s someone to root you on as you struggle to your feet.
  9. The freezer’s always full
  10. There’s always pie!
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Verizon should knock the stupid loose.

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I have enough mental problems without Verizon gaslighting me.

Trying to be a Good Little Monkey, I canceled my Fios service and dropped the converter boxes off at the UPS store, when I moved from New Jersey to Wisconsin in December.

My mail caught up with me in March. Verizon is still billing me $85.10 a month for December, January and March. Also, I now get letters and calls on my cell phone from a collection agency. Read more »