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How Chien Bleu became so blue.

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She came. She saw. She failed.

She tried hard, she thinks, to juggle life’s jellyfish: American middle-class corporate entity turned stay-at-home mom.  Autistic child. Too much stuff. Unresolved emotional issues. Overbearing future ex-husband. Money problems. Ever-present sparkly physical pain–and, obviously, pain meds. Alcohol. More pain meds (“Hey, a DOCTOR prescribed them.”) and inevitably, pain meds WITH alcohol.

Just one of the REAL housewives of New Jersey . . . until the World Trade Center blew up while Future Ex-husband was standing outside smoking a cigarette.  The jellyfish hit the ground hard. Lost the house, the car, the college funds, the retirement plans, the health insurance, the friends — and all pretense of sanity.

She wakes up four years later, in the looney bin at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth, New Jersey next to a screaming geriatric paitent strapped to a gurney. 

She is now reconsidering her life.

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Thoughts on the leftover first post provided by WordPress

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WordPress left this little bit of nothing here when they left. It’s like that cheese they are always trying to give you at the food pantries. Everyone gets some, whether they like cheese or not. I like cheese well enough, as long as it’s not too much cheese. So far, this is just enough cheese.

Thanks WordPress for offering this delightful tool, already stocked with cheesy goodness.