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Living with your parents: Number 296.1

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babsWhy is my 84 year old dad watching “Funny Girl”?

. . . and why is People stuck in my head?

I don’t usually mind having a song stuck in my head, especially if it’s a song that I know all the words to. If I don’t know the words, it just skips in my internal soundtrack like an LP record without a penny on the arm. “People who need people are the loneliest . . . er, luckiest (?) people” — oh rats.

Mom’s out of town and Dad has the remote to himself — so WHY is he watching Barbra Streisand all alone in the living room?

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Census 2010 – Don’t get voted off the island

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I came THIS CLOSE to being voted off the Census 2010 Island today.

I made it from April to July knowing any day could be my last. I went from enumerator to assistant to crew leader and back to assistant determined to make it through the next $15 hour Tribal Council.

My boss had a bad week and had to throw someone under the bus to stay in the game, and he gave it a good try–but I chose to be demoted (at the same pay). He said, ‘You hate to enumerate, as you’ve told me many times, so if you turn in your bag and badge, you won’t have to enumerate.” I said, “I’d rather enumerate than be out of work.” Now I wait for The Call. But I got very sick from working 7 days a week, 12 hour days, so a little time off is cool.

Hmmm – I have a little time to watch “Invader Zim” now. It’s not all bad . . .