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Shipping by USP versus USPS.

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Wearing my Red Santa Love Hat for UPS shipping today!

Had a fruitful day with UPS today. They delivered my Mombo’s brand new LCD TV er, Christmas present — on time, and trackable all the way (with free shipping from!)

I was going to ship two GInormous last-minute Christmas packages by USPS, which is my usual way, but hatefull USPS only lets you pre-pay and print labels for the expensive shipping methods like Priority Mail or Express Mail — forget about using Media Mail or Parcel Post unless you want to go wait in line at the post office!

I went to and found out they will ship the boxes for half the price and double-fast (guaranteed Xmas Eve delivery). I prepaid and printed labels, no problem.

Small packages and first class mail, I’ll still use the USPS, but UPS now gets my business for big packages!

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